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Friday, 16 September 2016

One Day Workshop on “Future Libraries in 2020: Changes and Challenges” on 30th September 2016

One Day Workshop on “Future Libraries in 2020: Changes and Challenges” on 30th September 2016

Event Type- NAtional Workshop
Period- 01 Day, 30 September 2016
Topic-  Future Libraries in 2020: Changes and Challenges
Organized by VIT University,  Vellore-632 014, Tamil Nadu, India

Objective of the workshop:
The purpose of this workshop is to provide the signpost to the Librarian to helpful in making strategic assessment for the future academic libraries and help the processing of decision making about the course followed with the transfer of technology. The Librarians have to choose the technological path of the virtual library with freedom of information. Also how the academic libraries can establish and
implement the realignment process in the future. The reading habit may transformed by electronic
devices should increase the digital shift in the reading habits of the members. The main objective is to discuss the requirement of future leadership styles in the future environment and to get a true measure the power of e-book in the electronic libraries in information and delivery management. The technology and its environment will be constantly and rapidly changing with the only thing certain about the
future being that it will be significantly different from today. The Libraries will have to face in
future the innovation, Information and communication technology combined Information services with social and cultural attitudes.

Registration Fees
Library Professionals and Scholars: Rs.300
Working lunch and courseware will be provided to all participants.
Important Dates
Last date for registration: 29.09.2016
Online Registration Link:

More Details- Click Here
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